An adsense test


We college kids are a broke bunch, and I’m no exception.  Thus that little box to the right containing Google’s adsense.  I plan on keeping you guys updated on the results, and if they are favorable, I’ll try to offer all the advice I can on how to make your web site profitable.

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2 Responses to “An adsense test”

  1. Grant Says:

    I tried adsense awhile back before I got my .com site set up. I didn’t get any revenue from it so I chucked it. But I didn’t really have a large amount of traffic either…

    Let me know how it goes.

  2. College V2 - tips, tricks, and advice for college students. Says:

    […] I also moved around the adsense to the sidebars.  As mentioned in this post I tried adsense for the first time and averaged five cents a day.  Obviously that’s not so good.  I’m not out to make a killing but to help offset some of the costs (both money and time) that I spend. […]