Help Wanted: Blog at College v2


You guys have asked for it, so I am delivering. College v2 needs to be updated more frequently and needs some diversity in it’s opinions. I struggled long and hard with this choice and decided the value of the blog would increase with more updates.  And isn’t adding value to college student’s life what this blog is all about? However, I am very cautious on who I want to write for college v2, below is a little bit of what I am looking for:

You must be a college student or only a year or so out. What good is writing about college if you have never been or attended 3 or 4 years ago? The only exception to this rule is if you are a professor, but something tells me that chance is slim.

You must be able to post 3 times a week minimum. I don’t ask for a lot of updates, but just 3 high quality posts a week.

You must have a distinct writing style. If you write like a textbook, I’m sorry. Your writing should be in a such a style that if the byline wasn’t there, I could tell who wrote it.

You must be willing to do it for the love. Sorry all, but I don’t make a great deal of cash from this site, just enough to cover expenses. However, if that should change, I would certainly compensate you.

If you are still interested send your name, past writing experience, a website (if you have one) and two writing samples (they can be a blog, an essay, an article) to

One Response to “Help Wanted: Blog at College v2”

  1. online college expert Says:

    I love your blog and would love to help you out and even get a couple tips for my blog. I am in my second year of college and looking forward to 6 or even 7 more years. Let us work together as I am very interested in this opportunity if it is worth it.