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The collegiate education experience becoming increasingly reliant on technology these days. Yet our high schools and universities have failed to educate their students with the means to take full advantage of the tools available. College v2 aims to arm students with the tricks, tips, and knowledge to put them ahead of the pack. College v2 will also post an occasional news story or photograph that will help you in your everyday life. My aim is to help you take over the world, or at least get out of taking 18 credits alive, and in tact.

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College v2 is short for College: Version 2.0

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Julie KentJulie holds a BFA in Digital Design and is currently working on a Master�s Degree in Library & Information Science. She works in a library, runs several websites, and dabbles in design and art.


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Sean Blanda and DilbertMy name is Sean Blanda at I’m a student at Temple University majoring in Magazine Journalism. I grew up and still reside in Southern New Jersey living in Philadelphia and Wilmington, DE briefly. I’m a media whore who engulfs any magazine, newspapers, and website I can get my hands on. However the old fashioned way of magazine and newspapers are changing and I feel it would be beneficial to learn the ins and outs of the new wave of information technology (blogs and podcasts). I am also huge dork in the way technology and the like. Thus what better way to combine these loves than College v2? Yeah, I know, genius.

I realized that many students only use their $1,000 computers to instant message and are letting the more technology savvy brethren pass them by. Some students take hours to research information, it takes others only seconds. While I am no computer genius, I want to provide an avenue to expose those obscure tricks and web sites to everyone. I would like our generation jump ahead of the previous one due to our grasping of technology. I want us to kick college’s ass.