Virtual Sex: More Common Amongst Students Than You Think

Julie, an online dating community for college students based out of Toronto, recently conducted a survey of college students called the “Canadian Campus Kiss & Tell Survey” which reveals the virtual sex habits of college students.  The survey showed that over 87% of college students participate in some form of cybersex.

The 87% figure reveals that today’s technologically savvy students aren’t afraid to incorporate technology into every facet of their lives.  The most popular form of cyber sex amongst the students surveyed is via Instant Messenger, with 53% of students choosing this as their choice form of virtual sex.  Coming in a close second place was the Webcam, with 48% of students choosing this.  The third most popular choice was phone sex at 44%.

Instant Messenger virtual sex often incorporates role-playing and the exploration of fantasies, as well as mutual masturbation. Webcam sex allows you to see and hear the person, and is typically is more graphic.  Webcam sex can include dirty talking, moaning, teasing, stripping, and again, mutual masturbation. Phone sex has been around for ages and we all know what it is, but it’s still a popular activity amongst college students.Â

So why is virtual sex so popular amongst college students?  Today, both men and women aren’t afraid to indulge in their sexual desires, and virtual sex allows them to explore fantasies and feelings without actually having to physically be with a person.  Judging by its prevalence, cyber sex is clearly an acceptable activity for those lonely dorm room nights or for when you just need a sexual fix.

If you are looking to engage in virtual sex yourself, there are a few precautions to take.  You can forget about the condoms and birth control because you’re not actually physically with the person, but you do want to make sure you are protected.  And by protected I mean not giving out much (if any) personal information and making it clear to your virtual sex partner that this is not an activity you wish to explore with them in real-life (unless of course you’re cybering with your boyfriend, husband, or someone you really do want to get it on with in real life).

So the next time you and your dorm mate are sitting in front of your computers typing away, and he or she asks you for some privacy, there’s a very good chance that he/she might be participating in some good, old virtual sex.

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