Facebook hacks, tips, and tricks


EDIT: userscript.org seems to be having lots of server trouble of late. Therefore the following links may not work.
Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that allows you to run scripts on the webpages that you are viewing. For example, one famous script was adding a delete button to Gmail (Gmail has since added a delete button).

One of the cool things we can do with greasemonkey is hack Facebook.

If you have like I do follow these directions offered up by Lifehacker.

1. Go and install Greasemonkey
2. Make sure the lower right part of your browser looks like this:

3. Click on one of the links below.

4. When you go to install a script you will see this popup in your browser

5. Click install.

Below are some scripts I have gathered that alter facebook. One warning though is that greasemonkey only works with firefox 1.5 or below (My apparently is too much.)

The hacks:

Facebook Autologin – automatically logs you in to Facebook (ever notice that no matter what you do facebook prompts you?)

Facebook age displayer – displays the age of the profile you’re veiwing thus negating any need for math!

FacebookSpyGlass – this is supposed to automatically enlarge profile pics when you mouse over them, however facebook has updated the way they code their pages so as of now this does not work. However the developer promises an update on the script homepage.

Random image generator – I did not test this one, but in theory it should work. It automatically changes the picture ID number in URL to generate a random picture.

Make Facebook Green – this script make facebook green. If you know HTML change the hexadecimal number in the js file to make other colors.

Cool facebook related site:

TheBillyGoatCurse.com – did you know the first person to sign up to facebook at your school is referred to as the Creator? This show shows how to find that person and other facts.

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74 Responses to “Facebook hacks, tips, and tricks”

  1. Grant Says:

    Looks like you just got spammed there Blanda…good times…


  2. ric Says:

    tip: if you don’t want facebook to complicate your relationship – don’t use facebook!

  3. Fer Says:

    hey How do i can get into a facebook profile without the person knowlege? also i dont have a facebook account??

  4. PhatMackn02 Says:

    (this only works if the admins are retarded because most places can block this)

    Ok, every website has a numerical address (IP address) that is associate with its actual
    domain name such as http://www.yahoo.com, which is also

    so all you do is go Start -> Run -> and type “cmd” then type “ping http://www.facebook.com
    and you should get: Pinging facebook.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

    which means you can type “” into your browser and you can view

    This is a very easy and effective way of getting around blocked sites, but I know some
    web securtiy like Symantec also blocks it… good luck!

  5. BluEyz Says:

    SO…where are we with inaccessible profiles??

    Is there a way to view profiles of people from other schools???

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  7. steve Says:

    I know this girl who has a facebook, the problem is that she’s attending GA Tech(which is outstanding for her) and I’m going to a unsupported community college in central florida. My question is how do I get an account of my own so I can add her as friends? I tried convincing her to get a myspace but she isn’t willing.

  8. jeffrye Says:

    Rega viry, deratere fac caser terfe.

  9. judeth Says:

    Revenue share

  10. Harry Says:

    How comes i can not veiw or write on my friends facebook wall? we hace both accepted each other and the security settings are normal?
    thanks guys

  11. bubba Says:

    hey can anyone help me get a facebook? I dont have an account and I just want one. its just that my school won’t offer it and I would love to have a facebook. I’ll pay no problem! get back at me huh

  12. Rob Says:

    My highschool does not provide us with e-mails as I go to an alternative highschool. Could someone help me get a facebook?

  13. Ctrl+Alt+Del Says:

    rob maybe i can help

  14. Kei Says:

    Oi~ I can’t get a facebook because my college doesn’t offer email addresses. Any clue how I can go about getting one? This seems to be a pretty exclusive website o_O Thanks :D

  15. dadada Says:

    if your college doesn’t have an email chances are your college friends don’t have facebook either which kind of makes having a facebook pointless.

  16. Janie Ostrander Says:

    I dropped out and my email is shut down can u set me up?

  17. Brandon Says:

    I have been going on facebook for over a year now and i tried to go on the other day and it says my “You are using an incompatible web browser” but i have been using this browser the whole time and i never changed anything can anyone help me fix this annoying problem?

  18. ThePlayer Says:

    Pablo: “I have a girlfriend who goes to ucla but she wont let me see her profile. I only have a profile with nyu. Does anyone know how I can see her pictures.”

    Dude, me and your girlfriend are doing fine. She is one hot woman. She only likes guy who have a facebook account and I have one. See ya on facebook, oh right you do not have an account.

  19. Smith Says:

    Facebook is so awesome, if you do not have a account you must be a loser. There is so many hot single woman just waiting for guys. I have so many wild girlfriends. It is the greatest thing since sliced bread. See ya folks later, i got to go get so more women on facebook.

  20. James Says:

    I want a facebook account so bad.

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  22. Steve Says:

    Is there are facebook tracker yet? I want to see who is creepin’ on my facebook!

  23. Ali Says:

    I am on facebook and there are a couple people I think I know but I can’t see their profile unless I am their friend. But I don’t want to request to be their friend unless they are who I think they are.
    My question is… is there any way that I can view their profile without being their friend?

  24. marissa Says:

    Is there any way to hack the honesty box? i know that you don’t have to have the application added in order to write in someone’s honesty box, which makes it really difficult to find out who wrote in it. the application knows who writes in it though, so there must be some way to search the html for an id number, or something, i just cant figure it out.