Does your school block facebook? Here’s how to beat it.


Commenter Jana on the Facebook Hack post asked if she could get around her school blocking facebook.

If your school blocks a certain site, use Google’s translate feature to get around it.

Go to there and “Translate” the site from german to english.  Of course the site will remain the same but the URL is google based, and what school would block google?

I have never tried this but have heard it works wonders, let me know in the comments if it works.

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36 Responses to “Does your school block facebook? Here’s how to beat it.”

  1. Grant Says:

    Ha, ya…it should work. It would be like using a google proxy in a way…

  2. danielle Says:

    your a fucking genius.

    this thing is amazing.

    i put it in my favorite places, i’ll be back. lol.

    love, danielle

  3. Clay Says: was a popular one for bypassing my high school’s paranoia filter.

  4. Loki Says:

    There’s a massive list of proxy services and other types of circumventing stuff over at Fast & Loud. Tor could also be of use.

    If it’s a software based blocker (i.e. not at the router), I think it’s possible that you could bypass it by loading another OS and working from that — Damn Small Linux or Puppy Linux on a USB key should do the trick, or maybe a Knoppix distro on a CD.

  5. Blanda Says:

    Loki has it down.

  6. College v2 - tips and tricks to help you get ahead in college. Says:

    […] has a nice list of 250 proxies. Similar to one of my older posts, you can uses these sites and services to circumvent any security features your college may have. […]

  7. JANA Says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH…. the thing works GREAT…. YOU ARE A GOD! thanks… bye

  8. Blanda Says:

    Clay has a fan!

  9. Jana Says:

    our school blocked EVERYTHING now… nothing works, at all….. if you have any other ideas, let us know… or else i guess we will just have to live without facebook for the rest of the year… haha thanks

  10. Blanda Says:

    What do you mean everything? Meaning you cant get on the internet?

  11. Brandon Garett Says:

    I tired the google thing it didnt work my school has tight web control can some please email me with some help

  12. Blanda Says:

    I cant email you without an email address however check this post

  13. Evan Williams Says:

    I’ve tried every link on this site, and none of them have worked. Any other tips??

  14. Blanda Says:

    Evan, your school still blocks when you use proxies?

  15. Trish Says:

    Doesn’t work you can login to anything….your school block system must suck because my school you can get to the front page but you can not login than whats the point. Thanks for trying

  16. Blanda Says:

    high school principals everywhere must read collegev2…

  17. Mike Says:

    Blocking google is not fair, if your school blocks considering it as a potential threat ask them to open

    This site provides google result under safe mode which is good for use at home and schools. I know few schools who have blocked google; they open whenever is requested by the student.

    To my view information that google posses should not be blocked for the sake of protecting childrens from harmful content. If you have to do it for some reasons, give your students access to voxov.


  18. Jack Says:

    When i try to do the confirmation thing for facebook, my school blocks the email from coming in, how can i avoid this? Thanks, someone please help me, i am bad at all things computer related.

  19. College v2 - helping you survive college » Blog Archive » The ULIMATE Facebook guide Says:

    […] If Facebook (or any site) is blocked at your school use this trick. […]

  20. seda Says:

    If you can get to it you can go here:

    And they will email lists of proxys to go to. If you can’t then call a friend or family member who is not blocked to sign your email up.

  21. Teddy Says:

    They have officially blocked everything at my school included… help… I am at a boarding school too.

  22. Loki Says:

    Well, the strong anonymity might be a bit sketchy after that German raid on the Tor servers, but Torpark‘s done the trick for me. It’s Firefox with Tor goodness loaded right in that will run from your USB drive.

  23. lauren Says:

    how can i view someones facebook when i dont have one. i really have to.

  24. lauren Says:

    i’m not in college is there any way i can make a college facebook

  25. James Burton Says:

    Jacksonville State University blows enough to block Google translator.

  26. Corey Says:

    My friends school blocks sites if certain words appear on them is there any greasemonkey script to remove or replace the blocked words so it wont trigger the software?

  27. Blanda Says:

    No, but something like that sounds easy to make.

  28. candace Says:

    it didnt work at my school! maybe im not doing it right? i went to the google translate site and typed in, and it denied it :[

  29. candace Says:

    know any other ways around it?

  30. Sean Says:

    My school blocks Google Translate under the category “Anonymizers.” Dang, they’re smart.

  31. Sean Says:

    Lauren, go to

  32. Thomas Jack Says:

    Best way to get around this is to set up an SSH server with a web proxy on a computer outside the school’s network. Then, if the school won’t let you use anything but HTTP, you can set up an HTTP tunnel to your SSH server through the school’s proxy server. Then just use your SSH client to tunnel a local port to the open proxy on your outside computer, and set the proxy setting in your web browser for this tunnel. This is (as far as I know) unstoppable, and everything’s encrypted, so the school can’t tell what you’re doing.

    This requires a lot of setup. I have considered writing a tutorial, but have never gotten around to it.

  33. why2k Says:

    my school has something called sonicWALL.. it’s almost impenetrable, does anyone have any idea, how to get over that security program?

  34. David Says:

    ok, my college is even blocking all anonymizers, I can’t get to any proxies to use at all… I need some serious help…

  35. tori Says:

    i need help w/ this .. sum one instrust me i cant get it to work !!!!

  36. mathete Says:

    If you guys want to get around almost all of these problems go to

    on the fornt page it has a link that shows you how to get around almost all blocks using a html based cgi proxy, when I made it I even removed all words like proxy annonymizer etc so it wont get caught. Have fun! email me at for any questions!!!