Campus Dirt – how does your school stack up?


Campus Dirt LoginCampus Dirt is a relatively new service offering to tell what colleges are “really” like. They accomplish this by polling current and former students and compiling their answers into polls. Although I’ve only attended one college – Temple University – I found that the poll results we’re largely on the money. There seem to be a few misleading polls though.
After signing up for the service (which is mandatory) you search for schools you’d like to compare. I naturally searched Temple to gauge the data they had.

After selecting Temple we’re brought to the main dashboard for the school.

Campus Dirt Screen two

#369? Ack! The dashboard offers several subcategories with its own little poll and even a comically ambiguous quote from our buddy Joseph. I’ll let you guess what the end of the sentence was.

Campus Dirt Poll ResultsAfter clicking a topic we are interested in we are brought to the polls. Some polls seemed accurate. The participation in school events seemed a little skewed. For example, The Temple football team had pitiful attendance ever since I have been going to Temple. However pretty much everything about the Temple Football team has been pitiful.

However, most information seems right on the money. Such as parking at Temple is accurately described as a “painful experience”. When considering enrolling or transferring, I recommend using all of the tools at your disposal. After all, the thousand dollar box your reading this on can do more than instant message. Take a look and sign up.

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