New Ad policy – What’s the deal with affiliate links?


I know most of you reading this may not care, but I think it is important to be transparent with my readers. I am going to begin using affiliate links in my posts so help generate some income for College v2.What’s an affiliate link? It’s basically a link for which I get rewarded when someone performs a certain action. For example, some pay when they are clicked. Others may refer to a merchant where I get commission if someone buys anything. Some just pay if someone registers with the site. Here is a very sloppy Wikipedia entry.

I will never make a post just because there is an affiliate attached to the topic. Rather I will write posts like I normally do and then scan the web for RELEVANT links that aid with what we are discussing. That way the posts fuel what links show up and not the other way around. In fact, I may end up discovering more sites thanks to their affiliate program.

I will also continue to experiment with Adsense, however the links almost never relate to the post, so it may be possible I do away with Google’s beast all together.

So why monitize? Well, hosting costs money. Plus, I like to be compensated for time and money I have already put into College v2. However, the main goal is for me to maybe work less hours at some of my other jobs and allow me to post multiple times a day. It would be easy for me just to throw up links to other blogs and call it a post, but I want quality material on par with anything I would write for a newspaper or magazine. The best part of this kind of advertising model is that in most instances, you guys are benifiting by signing up for a new service or buying something you need all while supporting College v2.
Thanks for reading, and let’s get back to the good stuff, eh?

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