Facebook is giving away iTunes songs here’s how to get them


Those chummy fellows at Facebook are giving away 10 million free iTunes music samplers. The promotion is part of a back to school drive to remind college students that Apple’s iPod and Facebook occupy 95% of all student time.

So how do you get the free sampler? In facebook search for the group “Apple Students”. Make sure you search the Global network and be sure that the group is a sponsored group.

The sampler is set to change genres by the week. After joining click the banner, and you should receive

this message in your inbox:

Apple Facebook MEssage

The bands and songs on the current sampler are:

  1. The Kill
    30 Seconds to Mars
  2. Elevate Myself
  3. Honesty
  4. Consolation Prizes
  5. Fraud in the ’80s
    Mates of State
  6. Take Off Your Clothes
  7. Blackout
    Amusement Parks on Fire
  8. Out Here All Night
  9. Sway
    The Perishers
  10. Bonnie Brae
    The Twilight Singers
  11. Hair
    The Early November
  12. Boston
  13. Flavor
    Girls In Hawaii
  14. Open Book
    The Rakes
  15. Midnight
  16. Wild Garden
    Magneta Lane
  17. Calm
  18. Je Ne Te Connais Pas
  19. Cloud Watch
    Lol Hammond
  20. Landslide
    Chris Stills
  21. Light Pollution
    Dirty on Purpose
  22. Creation Lake
    The Movie
  23. Poison
    My American Heart
  24. Fly Me Away
  25. Wish I Was a Punk Rocker
    Sandi Thom

Be sure to avoid all of the macbook advertisements they throw in your face and cancel the group membership after you get your music.

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4 Responses to “Facebook is giving away iTunes songs here’s how to get them”

  1. Ryan Kellett Says:


    Discusses the merits of the iTunes/facebook giveaway.

  2. Grant Says:

    Wow, thats pretty cool…too bad I’ve only heard of like two of those songs…


  3. Blanda Says:

    I think they are going for the whole “indie” college thing.

  4. Grant Says:

    Ah…that would make sense I guess…

    It seems to me that the indie sceen has really come out in the last few years. I’m not that big into indie bands mainly for the reason 95% + stink (or at least I don’t care for them) and that percentage is too high for me to wade through all of it to find the 5% that I actually do like…