The Facebook cops got me!


I had a fake facebook alias named “Facebook whore” that I used to friend as many random people as possable, my little social expirament. I go to log in one day and I’m told it was shut down.

So I do what the facebook nazis say.

The following is the email exchange that came after:

> [ - Wed Feb 22 14:11:32 2006]:

My account (Name: Facebook whore) at Temple University
has been suspended can
I have justification for this?

Sean Blanda
On 2/22/06, Simon from Facebook  wrote:

I think you just answered your own
question.  We do not allow
accounts under fake names.
Thanks for your understanding
and cooperation.
[ - Wed Feb 22 14:11:32 2006]:
Any particular reason?

No response since.

So here I say, the guys at facebook are scared of me.

Damn you facebook, why must Facebook whore suffer?

So today’s advice: watch your Facebook aliases

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2 Responses to “The Facebook cops got me!”

  1. Loki Says:

    Not so much afraid as cracking down on Paris Hilton x 2745, maybe.

    The TOS says:

    “In addition, you agree not to use the Service or the Web site to:…impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent yourself or your affiliation with any person or entity…”

    Of course, to my thinking you weren’t impersonating anybody, but it also says that they can cut you off for any reason whatsoever any time they want.

  2. College v2 - tips and tricks to help you get ahead in college. Says:

    […] I expect some of that money to go to the Facebook Whore memorial fund. […]