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One of the more popular posts on CollegeV2 is the hacking facebook post about greasemonkey scripts that can be used on facebook. I’ve done some searching and below are some scripts that help the overall MySpace experience.

Keep in mind, you will first need to install Firefox and then Greasemonkey, the guide to do that is in the post above or you can check out Grant B’s tutorial (grant also made a facebook template for girls,

above is a screen shot go here to download the script.)

MySpace hacks:

Automatic MySpace Media Remover – removes Flash media players and other common annyoances of myspace.

Cool People Suck – Removes the “Cool New People” box from your home page.

MySpace big images – pretty much doubles all of the thumbnails, can get obnoxious but as the site says: “Finally a script for the over 40 crowd”. Now tell your mom to get on MySpace. On second thought….

MySpace Title Fixer – makes MySpace’s titles more relevent to what is being looked at, good for bookmarks.

PHProxy – circumvents the blocking of MySpace. For high schools and college that block MySpace, supposedly gets around it. I did not test this one becasue, well, I couldn’t. According to the comments this may require some hand tweaking of the code.

MySpace Annoyance Removal – removes Cool New People, Featured Profile, some ads, and with a few edits can block other things too.

MySpace Comment Box PLUS – bumps the “Add Comment” form up higher for easy comments.

Custom Style Remover – Automatically makes everyone profile appear like the default, backgrounds or any other custom code is not displayed.


Wikie-Style Editing – This thread on the myspace forums features a script for easy wiki-style editing (Not Tested)

A MySpace profile editer (NOT TESTED)

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6 Responses to “Hacking MySpace”

  1. Grant Says:

    Hey Sean,

    I just got a domain for a site I’m going to start up. http://www.facebookstyles.com.

    All the links you have put to the scripts on my site should still work but when I open the site up chances are I will remove them from my site. I’ll let you know.


  2. myspace hacker Says:

    I scam people so my comment was erased

  3. Boone Says:

    uhhh…. That Myspace ‘hack’ seems like an obvious ploy to get your email address.

  4. goe Says:

    ok so what is the persons myspaceid if it is @shely or is it 123213 or wateeve

  5. smith Says:

    myspace hacker, Your such a fag. Dont beleive any of his shit. Its a total scam.

  6. Blanda Says:

    I agree