Is college counter productive?


I was rereading some of essays from freshman year and I realized something – in some cases my writing ability has actually deteriorated.  I do not think this is due to any thing I have been taught in college, but rather, it is indicative of the time constraints now placed upon writing an essay.  I have found that I am speed writing essays due to the fact that they are assigned rapid fire.  Or becasue I am working on some other project captivating my attention I find myself just brushing off some of my assignments.

Does anybody else have the same problem?  Whether it is writing, math abilities, or anything else?

2 Responses to “Is college counter productive?”

  1. Grant Says:

    I totally can concurr with this…

    My case-in-point would be my C++ class…for awhile we were getting one lab assignment and one homework assignment a week. It was crazy amounts of work and I turned in about half of the labs late or unfinished.

    I managed to pull a C in the class and I don’t have to take the final which makes me super happy…


  2. Grant Says:

    Or maybe its just the lack for proof-reading…