The most entertaing askMeFi thread ever.


I posted about Metafilter here. But now comes the most entertaining thread ever, about cheating in college/high school.  I’m not advocating cheating in anyway, but the inguinity shown by some of these kids shows me that if America’s next generation isn’t the smartest they are by far the craftiest.

Some excepts:

there was a post on the blue last year sometime about university students cheating by posting the rough drafts of their research papers on Wikipedia and then waiting for the experts on that particular topic to swoop in and edit 

In the hour before the test my friend got a copy of someone else’s graded bubble sheet, with all the answers correctly marked. Being a band nerd he decided to write a song based on the notes A, B, C, and D according to the sequence of the test. He figured that if he sat there and hummed the melody he would ace the test.

He got to class a few minutes early. Most of us were already in our seats, but the teacher was out in the hall, talking to someone. Seeing his chance, Joey slipped his paper into the stack of graded papers on her desk. He did this in front of all of us, assuming no one would turn him in — a bold move. Or was it? I couldn’t figure out his plan. Surely, if the teacher was planning to return our papers, the grades were already entered into her gradebook.
A couple of minutes later, she came into the room. She said, “For the most part, I was happy with your papers. I’m going to return them now. The following people will didn’t turn in any paper and will be receiving Fs: Amy, Bill, Joey…”
At which point Joey leapt up from his seat and said, “WHAT? I turned one in! I SWEAR I did. I worked really hard on it, too!”
The teacher smirked. She’d heard that one before. “Fine,” she said, “If you turned in a paper, you go find it in that stack.”

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4 Responses to “The most entertaing askMeFi thread ever.”

  1. Grant Says:

    Those are pretty funny. I really enjoy reading your blog. I just started recently when I was doing some random googling and saw your post about greasemonkey. I had seen it before but never downloaded it. I absolutly love it and have started making scripts to make my browsing more enjoyable.


  2. Blanda Says:

    Thanks Grant,
    I have been tempted to dig up some old JS books myself.

  3. Blanda Says:

    Oh, and the moment you make that Facebook post on your blog, I’m linking to it.

  4. Grant Says:

    Awesome man!

    Hopefully if things settle down around here I’ll make a few more templates for facebook. Some basic color schemes and what not.

    I’ll let you know when I post my how-to

    Keep up the good work!