RSS feeds, share yours.


Rss feeds (What’s an RSS Feed?) are the latest and greatest ways of keeping up with any kind of information. Ever since I started subscribing to feeds I am constantly on the lookout for new and interesting sites.

So here is a peak at some of my favorite feeds. – Webmaster info

I encourage you to list yours in the comments. Most feedreading services allow a quick export option, paste yours below.

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3 Responses to “RSS feeds, share yours.”

  1. Dennis Says:

    So have you made any money from selling your own stuff through ebay???

  2. Blanda Says:

    Yes. I only sold some small playing cards though, so by sheer numbers it will not look like much. But given what I paid for them I made out quite well.

  3. Montoya Says:

    Maybe my feed would interest you? I have a year left of college.