College 101: guest entry from Ramit of ‘I Will Teach You to be Rich’


Ramit of “I Will Teach You to be Rich” recommended an article from his site to be in our College 101 series. Ramit blogs about being an entrepreneur while teaching his readers about financial savvy. His post “On Greed and Speed” decribes the right attitude a young person should take when desiring money.

When I started college as a freshman, I had been running a business and had some experience, blah blah blah. Back then I got offers to consult for $15/hr, which was a lot of money for me. I took some of them because they were interesting and I thought they were valuable in the sense of meeting good people and opening the doors to more opportunities. Others were just for cash.

Let me say that again: They were offering only one thing–cash. I’m not interested in doing anything anymore for just money. And so I said no to some of them.

As I got older, the amount went up to $30, and then $50, and then higher. And soon I started thinking about things in a weird, contorted way. I would look at a shirt in the store and say “that’s only an hour of work.” And right then, I knew I was focusing too much on money and less on creating something useful and valuable.

It might seem weird to hear it from a guy who runs a site called I Will Teach You To Be Rich. But I hope it’s clear what I’m saying: Please, think less about the money. Think more about value.

The money will come. It will come in gobs and gobs of money if you are (1) passionate about what you do and (2) are really good at it.

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Also, Ramit intially recommended his “College is not a technical school” post until I informed him I had beat him to it.

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