What happens when rich old people give college advice.


Yet another monolply picCrunchGear has recently released a list of some “must have” back to school items. Usually with online lists, there is some debate over the contents, but this just gets nasty.

CrunchGear recommends items like a nearly $200 backpack and a huge plasma TV that are obviously too expensive for any student.

To this I say: sorry buddy, my $29 wal-mart bag is doing just great. However by far the best remark is from commenter Ilya :

I have never in my life read a more worthless list of useless, overpriced garbage. Who the hell needs a backpack that costs $189.95? No no, forget the backpack. Who the hell needs a 55 inch HDTV while they’re in SCHOOL!? Do you know what school is? Are you from another planet!?

It even prompted a:

OK seriously, what the fuck?

from another reader.

And, by the way, there are more important things you might need.

However, in the spirit of CrunchGear’s list, here’s one thing you will need:

Gold PenA Solid Gold Pen

Dont write like the other heathens, no college students is complete with a pen that is crafted from solid 18k gold. Scoff at your classmates that are “less financially off” as you write your essay while watching Lost on a jumbo-tron sized screen. Just be sure your butler is around to clean any ink stains.

[via 5thirtyone and Paul Stam]

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3 Responses to “What happens when rich old people give college advice.”

  1. Derek Says:

    Good tip with that gold pen. Why did everyone else miss that tiny detail? Make sure it’s a real fountain pen though.

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  3. Nick W Says:

    The HDTV thing isn’t such a bad idea – except for the pricetag. However, high end audio and video stuff depreciates fast, and Craigslist or your college trading site of choice probably have a ton of them. For value, think 40+ inch flatscreens at around 400 to 600 (and always remember to offer a lot less at the start – haggling isn’t a dead art). Audio equipment is harder to get on the cheap, but any decent system will beat that Klipsch or Logitech system your roomate has hooked up to his laptop (just remember to keep the volume down).