Why you should learn HTML, and how to do it – for free


As you can see by the layout of this site, I’m no HTML guru. However I do know my way around HTML code, and aside from validating my geekness knowing HTML can prove to be a positive influence on your career.

Say there was a universal language that every body in the world spoke. You would want to learn it, correct? Well designing an web page is the closest thing the world is ever going to get to when it comes to a commonly accepted medium. Every business, every organization, and every body with something to say needs a web page. If you could provide them with this service you can increase your career skills. When you increase your career skills you increase your worth to a company (or to your own business).

Best thing is, HTML is really simple yet most people are afraid to go near it. If you just learn a few basic tags you can set a web site up, no problem.

So what’s a quick way to learn all of this? No thick book is needed, just head over to the w3c’s tutorial site. If you don’t know, the w3c is the closet thing the Internet has to a “governing body”. What’s best is that they provide free easy to understand tutorials.

You know how learning French gets you chicks? Well learning HTML might just get you a job.

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