Free Pizza, Internships, & Scholarships From Google


Did you know Google supplies free pizza and other Google branded gear to hardworking college students in computer science degree programs?  Students who wish to to become a Google Ambassador can sign up here on the Google site.

Some of the benefits of becoming a Google ambassador include:

  • Free pizza for study groups
  • Free Google Gear
  • Representing Google at your college

The requirements for receiving free food on Google’s dime include:

  • Computer science major or degree program
  • Undergraduate or Graduate students
  • A one-year commitment

You must also possess good study habits and “pizza eating skills”, afterall, Google will be supplying you with pizza to eat during your IT study sessions.  You’ll also need to be able to recruit other students to join your study group and eat the pizza.

Google also offers other opportunities for college students, including internships and even some scholarships.  The internships are full-time positions usually done over a summer break.  Scholarships available include the Anita Borg Scholarship, the United Negro College Fund/Google Scholarship, and the Google Hispanic College Fund Scholarship.

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