Google craves our demographic


I discovered a Google page catering specifically to college students, recommending their own products and showing how to use them. That is all fine and good, but there is just one problem: most of Google’s services are sub par. Below are Google’s suggestions and next to them are mine.

G-Mail – Gmail is actually the best email client our there. For the sole reason that they allow an INSANE amount of space for your e-mail. I recommend uploading all of your important papers and documents to gmail by pasting them into the body and by saving them as a draft. The search feature then allows you to make all of your documents searchable.

Google Talk – Google talk isnt up to snuff, use Skype. Not only does it simply look cooler but offeres more features.

SMS – I prefer using AIM to text message my friends.

Blogger – Blogger is nice for those a little serious about blogging, but for just letting your friends know whats up mySpace is where it is at.

Google Desktop – I simply don’t trust Google desktop because Google is in the market for gethering information. Windows search is just fine. By putting Google desktop on your computer you essentially give them the the keys to your life. Do I have proof? Not really, but I have a feeling….

Scholar – I have never used it heavily, and in my mind nothing beats LexisNexis. Although one is for scholar documents, one is periodicals.

Picasa – Picasa is very clumsy and slow. Use Flickr. Period.

Swing and a miss Google.

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