Facebook is More Popular than Google, MySpace


Youth Trends, a marketing research firm recently came out with a list of the top ten favorite websites of people age 17 to 25? Topping the list, not surprisingly, was Facebook.com? 52% of females in that age group listed Facebook as their favorite site, while 35% of males listed it as their favorite.

The second most popular website amongst females was MySpace, and for males it was Google? Google also came in at third place for women? After the top three, the favorite websites amongst men and women were markedly different? Sites such as NFL.com came in the top 10 for men, while MSN.com came in their girls’ top sites.

Josh Weil of Youth Trends said, “For the first time ever, Facebook was ranked number one among both men and women. Based on the findings, Facebook is more than likely to be their first visit of the day.”

Wow, aren’t they clever?  It took them who knows how much money and research to figure out what most of us already know – social networking is where it’s at!? So, if anyone wants to hit me up on Facebook, here’s a link to my profile.? See you there!

For me, since I’m a bit of a computer geek, I would list my top sites as:

1. Google (it helps me find anything & everything!)
2. Gmail (with Google Chat – a must have!)
3. V7n.com (a webmaster site filled with lots of super cool people)
4. Google News (yes, I am a news junkie)
5. Yahoo Mail (and also Yahoo Messenger & Yahoo Web Messenger)
6. Wikipedia (good resource when I want to look something up really quick)

Hmm…I can’t really come up with 10 off the top of my head.? I’m a bit of a web scavenger in that I jump from site to site looking for things that catch my eye.? Often I start at Google News, end up reading one story, and then land somewhere completely different.? So how about you guys, what sites are on your list of daily must-visits?

2 Responses to “Facebook is More Popular than Google, MySpace”

  1. collegiateubiquity Says:

    My daily must-visits….

    1. Hotmail
    2. eBay
    3. My class website to make sure links are working
    4. Dealhack
    5. Spoofee
    6. Boddit
    7. Newzjunky (local news site)
    8. Threadless
    9. Google images
    10. School web based e-mail

    Of course, none of these include all of the excellent blogs which I get delivered via Thunderbird…..

  2. joshweil Says:

    Hi Julie,

    To follow up on your post, it doesn’t cost us that much money to conduct our Top Ten List studies. Without a doubt social networking among college students is huge right now, but the real value of our Top Ten List reports is quarter over quarter and year over year comparisons, therefore if you looked at one of last year’s Top Ten List reports you would see firsthand just how rapidly both Facebook and MySpace ascended up the list…that’s real value.