Facebook, YouTube, and MySpace.. Oh My!


If you’re like most young adults, you have at least one profile on a social networking service, if not more.  This would include sites such as MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, Xanga, LinkedIn, and so on. You probably use different social networks for different things, or to connect with different groups of friends.  With so many services and log-ins to manage, it can get kind of crazy trying to keep track of all of your accounts.  But now there is a solution.  ProfileLinker has launched its service which allows users to aggregate their social network profiles on one centralized web page.

ProfileLinker is free to use, and is currently in a public beta stage. It supports over 70 social networks, including MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Photobucket, Blogger, Xanga, YouTube and others, and gives users the ability to search over 250 million profiles to add friends, family, colleagues and fellow enthusiasts.

There are an estimated 173 million social network users in the United States alone, and current research shows that there is a significant level of crossover across some of the most popular social networks.  According to studies conducted in 2006 by comScore Media Metrix, there is over 50% crossover at most networks.

ProfileLinker can save you time by providing you with a single page that will alert you to updates across all of your profiles.  It will notify you of such things as an uploaded video, new message, or changes to a friend’s contact information, and once notified, you can then click over to the respective social networking sites to view more details or messages.

The ProfileLinker service also has a Portable Profile feature which enables you to bring a graphical, interactive mini profile to other social networks, blogs, message boards, and websites.  If there’s a network not included in ProfileLinker that you think should be included, they make it easy to send suggestions for new networks to include and support.

The service is helpful to those users of the social networking sites, as well as driving traffic to the respective websites.  To get started with ProfileLinker, all you have to do is visit their website and sign-up for an account.  Then you’ll need to provide usernames for each of the social network sites you use or want to include.  Once you’ve done this, ProfileLinker aggregates the profiles into one page.   So now you can keep track of all your profiles more efficiently.

3 Responses to “Facebook, YouTube, and MySpace.. Oh My!”

  1. twhman Says:

    You should also check out http://www.spokeo.com It not only combines your profiles, but it also tracks your friends’ content.

  2. admin Says:

    Looks like a cool site! I’ll check it out further.

  3. Julie Says:

    Thanks for the tip :) I’ll check it out.