Facebook Has Gone Mobile


Just a couple days ago, Facebook announced that they were launching a mobile version of their site. I’m a wee bit slow on catching this as admitedly, I only check it about once a week. Shame on me. Either way, being able to access and use Facebook on a mobile phone is definitely something that I and I’m sure millions of other students will be interested in. I might even log-in a little more often with this new feature available.

Amongst the capabilities of the new mobilized Facebook are:

  • Mobile Web – now you can surf Facebook on your phone, and it actually fits on the screen. Wow!
  • Mobile Uploads – lets you send photos and notes to Facebook when you’re out and about. Fun stuff happens when you’re away from your computer.
  • Mobile Texts – send and receive Facebook messages, wall posts and pokes using text messages. You can also update your status and search profiles from your phone. Sweet.

I think this will really enhance the use of Facebook, and look forward to giving it a test run. Samsung just sent me an awesome new BlackJack smartphone with 3G internet, and I’m anxious to make use of it. :) Other sites like MySpace have been mobile for awhile, so its about time Facebook got with the program as well.

If any of you out there have tried out the mobile features already, I’d be very interested in hearing your thoughts on it so far. And, if you want, you can find me on Facebook here. I look forward to “meeting” you. :)

One Response to “Facebook Has Gone Mobile”

  1. Steven Vance Says:

    Facebook has had text messaging for a while. You can search for people, and then when found, message them. You can obtain the mobile number of one of your friends – a feature dependent on the friend’s privacy settings.

    You can send a message directly to any friend. You can receive notifications of changes on the site regarding you: new friend requests, new messages, etc…

    I bet a lot has been added to the SMS side of Facebook mobile. I don’t have an internet capable phone so I can’t check out Facebook mobile.

    Also, Facebook only supports SMS through four cell networks, Virgin not being one of them (and it still doesn’t work if I choose Sprint, Virgin’s hardware/network provider).