Naked Parties – Why All the Hype?


For the past few days, you cannot watch one of the 24-hour news channels without hearing about naked parties that are happening at some of the Ivy League colleges, and others around the country. In fact, even today, I saw a female student on a news program who was being interveiwed about these naked parties. These parties are nothing new. They’ve been going on for well over a decade (or so they claim). So why the sudden interest?

I first heard about these college naked parties when I read the book “Chloe Does Yale”, which stars the character Chloe Carrington who is a sex columinist for the Yale Daily News. I’m not really much into reading fiction (I prefer factual), and I’ll admit that I read this book to fulfill some requirements for one of my library classes. If you want to be a librarian, you have to read lots of books for your classes. I read this book for a Young Adult Literature course, and this was over a year and a half ago. So anyways, the author of the book is Natalie Krinsky who was 21 herself at the time of its writing/publication. The book is fictional, although it is supposed to be based off of a lot of real things, events, and people – including the naked parties that are talked about in here.

The naked parties are supposed to be non-sexual in nature, and is one of those things that you just have to do before graduation. Apparently ripping of your clothes and standing around naked with dozens of other people in broad daylight is a liberating and “life-changing” experience. To me it sounds more like an embarrassment waiting to happen.

So what I want to know… if this was in a book written two years ago, and its apparently been going on for a good while, why is the media, and now, bloggers, suddenly interested in covering this story ad nauseam? What do you think? Have you been to one?

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