Free alternatives for expensive programs – Never buy software again.


Instead of Microsoft Office try:

Open Office 2.0

Open Office is an open source alternative to Microsoft Office. Open Office features replacements for Excel, Paint, Word, Powerpoint, and Access. It also features a program for Math equations. Download Here.

Instead of Microsoft Windows, try:


Books have been written about Linux, and I have only messed around with Linux once or twice, but millions of users cant be wrong. Linux is an open source, free operating system. To read more about Linux visit Wikipedia or the official site.

Instead of Macromedia Dreamweaver try:

Mozilla Suite

Mozilla suite features a bunch of software, but the one that can replace Dreamweaver as a website editor (a WYSIWYG editor for you geeks). While it doesn’t have the intelasense that makes Dreamweaver so fun it does the job. Get it here.
Other usefull aplications for college students:


I discussed the benefits of Skype in a previous post, but to reiterate: Skype is basically a free telephone allowing you to call any computer that has the program. Great for gaming or for dorm room to dorm room calls. Save those cell phone minutes! Get it here.

Mozilla FireFox

For the love of god

SpyBot Search & Destroy

Whenver someone asks me to help fix their computer, the first thing I do is run Spybot. Spybot roots through your hard drive and deletes unwanted spyware. Used with Dell Decrapifier and your computer will be kicking in no time. Get it here.


Do have some friends on MSN Messenger, some on Yahoo!, and some on AIM? Trillian has your back as the all in one solution. With Trillian you can talk to your friends on every service. As a side bonus, I used to use it in my high school when they blocked the AIM Express page. Get it here.


I have yet to find a better program for storing my mp3’s and my podcasts. Just be sure you make sure that it encodes your songs in mp3 form and not the apple exclusive AAC. To do that click on Edit —> Preferences —> Advanced —> Importing. You can also convert all current songs to mp3 in the Advanced menu. Get iTunes here.

More free program lists:,aid,116456,00.asp

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6 Responses to “Free alternatives for expensive programs – Never buy software again.”

  1. Grant Says:

    Good post Sean. Very straight foward comparison for differnet software.


  2. Grant Says:

    Hey Sean, is it just me or has been down for several days??? I can’t access their site.


  3. Blanda Says:

    You’re not the first person to say that, I think they are having issues. They did work about 3 days ago.

  4. Allen L. Says:

    For a free Dreamweaver alternative, there’s also Nvu ( It’s does to the composer in Mozilla, what Firefox did to the browser and makes them seperate compnents.

  5. /* 4n0nym0u5 */ Says:

    Or you could use Gaim ( for IM.

  6. kut Says:

    Miranda is a multi-messenger like Trillian and open source like Gaim, but also very customizable like you Firefox extension lovers. Skins, icons, RSS, email, music player integration, etc.

    Hoorah for Miranda.