10 reasons to switch to Firefox

  1. WAY less pop-ups
    In the browser you use now, how much time do you spend exiting out of popups? Or how often do you get finished using the internet and you see all of the windows open from pop-ups? With Firefox I get maybe one every other day. It saves me time when researching papers or checking up on news.
  1. Because spy ware sucks
    I don’t know how, but I seem to get less spy ware with Firefox, making my computer faster.
  1. Streamlined search bar
    Speaking of researching, one thing that is normally a pain in the neck is constantly navigating to Google or other research sites. But in this browser the search bar is in embedded so it saves a few steps. Doesn’t sound like much but when you are researching anything that requires you to get little snippets of information from many different sites, it is a timesaver.

Firefox Search Bar

  1. The Bookmark bar
    Although if you select a few options you can have this in IE, I found that by using the bookmark bar (sounds like a pub for librarians) you can save time from physically typing in the sites you visit. You can also use the folders to organize sites you need for different assignments.
  1. Tabbed browsing
    Ever have a taskbar that looks like this?

Cluttered Taskbar

Firefox has tabbed browsing so you can switch in between your fantasy team and that CNN article you are quoting. It keeps everything in one window so you don’t have to sort through your open IE windows. It also comes in handy for surfing while in class, you can hide your mySpace profile in the background while appearing to be reading that enthralling essay on the Egyptian swarming locust.

Firefox Tabbed Browseing

  1. Skins
    Lets face it: most stuff on your computer is ugly, but Firefox gives you options with the appearance of their browser.
  1. Extensions
    Firefox features extensions you can download that cut down needless tasks. For example you can have your iTunes controls embedded right into the browser so you don’t have to keep switching back and forth, thus saving time, thus writing a better paper, thus that 4.0 you’ve always wanted. I’ll talk more about the real useful ones in future posts.
  1. RSS feeds
    Get news and blog posts from your favorite sites (*ahem*) placed right onto the bookmark bar.
  2. It’s just faster
    This could only be on my computer, but I noticed the browser loads faster and has faster methods of saving and recalling passwords.
  1. It can cure cancer
    Just checking….

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8 Responses to “10 reasons to switch to Firefox”

  1. Riva Says:

    ha, I am not part of that [64%] statistic. Amused. I agree.

    I switched from Safari to Firefox in the last year.

  2. eddie Says:

    I agree with everything you said there. I have been using Firefox since it was version 0.9

  3. Blanda Says:

    I was a little late on the Firefox bandwagon. But I got too pissed off at IE that I just went ballistic and searched for a replacement.

  4. Devy Says:

    I love Firefox ^_^ My roommate got me using it 2 years ago – I don’t know why anyone else would need to use IE

  5. Grant Says:

    Ya, I have been on the firefox scene for awhile, but not consistantly. I downloaded FF when it was just a baby a very long time ago. At that time it didn’t have most of the features it has today which Sean has listed above. So I ended up, I hate to say, going back to IE much to my dismay. I then had a spat like Sean and had to find something I could trust so I downloaded FF 1.? and have stuck with it ever since.


  6. Blanda Says:

    I pretty much invented Firefox…and the Internet….

  7. Staci Says:

    I use… Opera? Why do I feel like such a loner? Firefox is too close to IE for me.

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