The best firefox extensions for college students



What it does: Allows you to bookmark this to

Why it’s good for college: As described in my last post, can help you organize your notes and research pages.

Download here

Extension: Foxy Tunes

Why it’s good for college: Allows you to control your music player through Firefox. It helps save time switching between web browsing and clicking on the next song you want to play. Music + productivity.

Download here

Extension: Gmail uploader

Why it’s good for college: Uses your Gmail account as a server. Good for storing papers and assignments instead of wasting time emailing them to yourself.

Download here

Extension: Quick note

Why it’s good for college: It allows you to copy and paste text in Firefox instead of opening a word processor. It also features multiple tabs so you can “take notes” for multiple courses all while browsing.

Download here

Extension: mySpace bar

Why it’s good for college: I’m not a mySpace guy, but a lot of college students swear by it. This bar basically puts the site navigation to mySpace in Firefox.

Download here:

Extension: Dictionary Tooltip

Why it’s good for college: It defines any word you double click on. Good when reading transcripts of documents written by long and verbose writers. One warning: the definition always turns up when you double click and can get annoying when copying and pasting single words.

Download here

Extension: Forecast Fox

Why it’s good for college: Call me pessimistic but I doubt very many college kids flip on The Today Show for the weather in the morning. Roll out of bed fire up your browser (something most of us do anyway) and get the forecast.

Download here

Extension: Gmail notifier

Why it’s good for college: I live and die by this extension. It sits in the very corner of your browser and notifies you when you have been sent an email. Great for those last minute cancellation emails by professors. It also helps you wow people with your fast response times and the quicker you can get back to them, the quicker they can get back to you. Efficient.

Download here
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4 Responses to “The best firefox extensions for college students”

  1. Loki Says:

    Let’s see…I’ll just dig through my big pile o’ extensions…

    There’s a Firefox extension called Scrapbook that’s an absolute lifesaver for research — it lets you grab web pages for offline use as usual, and then gives you some nice editing options like highlighting and commenting. It can also smush the bits and pieces you select into one big page suitable for printing.

    There’s also Session Saver, for when Firefox craps out on you when you have a million very important tabs going.

    And ForecastFox, for when you’re too lazy to actually look out the window before you head to class.

    Mozilla Calendar, which I’ve since replaced with Hipcal because of the better support for todo lists, but a good little PIM in its own right.

    And last but not least, PDF Downloader, for those endless lists of sample exams. I use this in conjunction with Foxit Reader (no relation to Firefox), which is a very nice lightweight PDF viewer. What can I say? I’m impatient.

  2. Loki Says:

    Dude, you’ve got an open bold tag hanging around.

  3. Laura Says:

    Thanks a bunch for this list…very useful

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