Survey results are in!


First of all, a huge to thanks to everyone who filled out the survey for the site. It really woke me up to some of things about the site I didn’t realize I was doing, or some of the little things that you guys love.

The Results:

1. What features would you like to see on CV2?

Podcast: I don’t care either way (55%)
Forums: tie, That would be ok, I dont care either way (35%)
More authors: I dont care either way (35%)
College marketplace: That would be ok (36%)
Chat room: I dont care either way (44%)
League: Oh God no! (45%)

Seems like you guys didn’t care much about any of these things, although more authors had the most positive response….

2. How much do the following topics interest you?

Money tips: Awesome! (58%)
Facebook: Pretty Cool (44%)
Current Events: Pretty Cool (58%)
MySpace: Oh God no! (56%)
Organization: Awesome! (55%)
Tech advice: Awesome! (64%)
Dealing with teachers: Awesome! (55%)
Career advice: Awesome! (49%)
Politics: Eh I dont care either way (35%)

This question surprised me, I stayed away from money issues because I thought people would find it boring, guess I was wrong. I also was very pleased to see that you guys hate MySpace, because I swear that if I had to delve in to the MySpace cesspool, I would kill my self.

3. How do you read College V2?

Rss Reader (42.9%)

Oh so tech savvy.

4. How old are you?

College JR (24.5%)

This stat was fairly even across the board, however no professors read this blog. Darn.

5. Do you have penis or a vagina?

Boy (85.5%)

College v2: an Internet sausage fest. I have to work on that.

6. What would you prefer?

More posts by multiple authors (88.7%)

This gives me an idea…
7. How often do you read College v2?

Whenever I see a new post in my RSS reader (49.1%)

Open Ended

Here I’ll just list some of the more noteworthy responses:

8. What would you like to see in a podcast?

any kind of money tip is good because students are basically retarded when it comes to managing money – see: beer, credit cards

No MySpace stuff… EVER.

9. What do you like about CV2?

All of these basically amounted to: it’s a smarter site for college students. It seems its slim pickings when it comes to sites for college, and I agree. But please check out a new of my “Friends” listed below for some good ones. But I certainly appreciate the compliments. I hate how college students are just stereotyped as either spoiled rich kids or dumb frat kids, and stupid websites are made as a result.

And this response cracked me up:

I just got here.

10. What do you hate about CV2?

Some of you think the RSS feed could use some cleaning up (it could). Or that the color scheme is bad (sorry kid). But most of you think I should get off my ass and post more.

Sir, yes sir!

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