Laptop + Tape = Awesomeness


If your one to take your notes on your laptop in order to avoid a clutter of paper, you may be frustrated when you receive handout after handout from your professor.

There is a very low tech way to solve this without really cluttering your book bag.
1. Ingredients

Grab some duct tape, your laptop, and a vanilla (or manila) folder. Be sure you get a folder that is similar size to your screen

2. Recipe

Lay folder on back of your laptop and tape the edges.

3. Viola!

And yes I understand how basic this is, but this simple rig has saved me loads of trouble.

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5 Responses to “Laptop + Tape = Awesomeness”

  1. Beck Says:

    I think you mean /manila/ folder!

  2. Grant Says:

    That is soooo ghetto…

    If your that worried about having handouts with you why not just scan them? Prolly wouldn’t take you much more time then trying to duct-tape a folder to your lappy…and it wouldn’t make it look like a crack-whore’s computer…


  3. Bryan Villarin Says:

    The poly ultra wallet doesn’t take too much space, and doesn’t require taping a envelope to your laptop.

    @Grant: Sean’s talking about receiving papers in class, so you probably won’t have a scanner handy.

    Oh, and is that how a crack-whore’s laptop looks like? ;) (Kidding!)

  4. Grant Says:

    @Bryan – Yes I know…but the point of putting a folder on you lappy is so you could have the handouts with you. In my post I am talking about taking them home and scanning them so you can have them with you in digital form on your lappy much like your notes.

    But I agree, a ‘poly ultra wallet’ comes in handy… I personally keep all my papers to be turned in and handouts in a spiral notebook with pockets built in. When I get graded papers back I put them in a ‘poly ultra wallet’ at home for safe keeping.


  5. Jesse Says:

    You might want to let your readers know that this can interfere with heat dissipation if you put it on the bottom of your laptop. Sticking it to the “top” (e.g. the back of the screen) eliminates this problem.