College v2 introduces a new series: College 101


It’s about that time of year for high school seniors: Proms are wrapping up and so are high school careers.  If you are a senior, you’ve probably been accepted to the college of your choice and can’t wait to move out of your boring hometown and meet new people and indulge your self in academia.Or something like that…

Either way, college is a brand new experience for high school’ers.  As with every big phase in life there are certain bits of information your elders can pass on.  And that’s where College v2 and its benevolent readers come in.  Over the next week or so CV2 will be featuring posts specifically directed towards those preparing for their freshman year.

It will also be the first time I’ll be accepting reader submissions.  The tips can be anything from a full post to a sentence or two.  Any submission length will feature a link to your site and if that site is relavent to College I’ll add your link to the sidebar.  Submit any writings along with your preferred link to scblanda[at]gmail[dot]com.

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