How to hack a Coke Machine


I’m pretty sure your dorm has one of those vending machine areas on the first floor. I’d also bet that in the middle of the night it is unattended for hour at a time. A few YouTube videos show to to trick the machines into giving you free cokes or at least two for the price of one.

This machine seems like one of the most common ones:

I was unable to find a picture, but a friend of mine had a dorm with a machine very similar to the one in the video. However instead of that mechanized arm, the machine just let the drinks fall to the bottom. To get the drinks in the bottom row all you had to do was lay on your back like you were working on a car and maneuver your arms up the slot.

A warning, if you get caught it is not my fault. But I do find it hard to argue with the rationale “They charge us so much in tuition, I can steal a Coke if I want.”
[via Gizmodo]

Update: The video seems to have been removed.

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