How the number 7 saves you 30 seconds a day – a cell phone hack


Have you ever called a friend, gotten their voice mail, and discovered that they were too lazy to record their own message.  So you get a semi robotic female voice saying “The number you have dialed x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x is not available please leave a message after the tone, If you’d like to page this person, press X – BEEP.”  If you’re like me you’d just like to bypass the message.

Well just press 7 next time you get someone’s voicemail, it will take you straight to the “beep.”

Also if you think deleting messages from your cell phone’s voicemail takes too long some phones offer shortened menus.  Just go to your administrative options.  (Sorry for the vagueness but I imagine every body’s phone is different.)
The 7 trick works on my phone (Cingular) no matter who I’m calling but its very possible the number may be different for every one.

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16 Responses to “How the number 7 saves you 30 seconds a day – a cell phone hack”

  1. Drew Says:

    hah i was JUST askin my friend today what the number was
    he said 1 but it didnt work for me
    i’ll try out the 7 next time
    i got verizon so we’ll see

  2. Grant Says:

    I have CellularOne and for me when I listen to my voicemail’s I can press 5 to delete a message and 55 to delete all messages…

    I don’t know about skipping the recording on somebody elses voicemail. I’ll give it a try sometime.


  3. Boone Says:

    I know that on Verizon, pressing 1 will send you right to the voicemail beep. When deleting your own messages, pressing 4 at any time will delete the message (so you don’t have to listen to the whole thing)

  4. JJ Says:

    This is an awesome thread. I knew it was “1” for verizon but i was always annoyed that I didn’t know the trick for other carriers. On some of them, if you try the Verizon “1” it thinks you’re trying to access their v-mail. Somebody should make a table of carriers and numbers on wikipedia or something.

  5. RB Says:

    When listening to voicemails, to delete them right away, press 7,7. Deletes the voicemail as you are listening to it. REALLY handy when you have you GF leaving you the same message over and over.

  6. [ The Chill Factor ] Says:

    […] … 30 seconds at a time.  Credit Sean Blanda with his tip to bypass that supremely annoying 30 second automatic voice mail message before you can actually leave a message for whomever you’re calling.  Just press 7 kids. […]

  7. EM Says:

    Yes, 7 works for Cingular. There is also a menu option you can change, telling the robotic lady to shoten her commands. So instead of “delete thois voicemail, press #” it says simply “delete #”

    Great tip!

  8. Shawn Says:

    On most VM systems, you can jump to the end of a message by hitting 3,3. Great for when your boss’ phone calls you and he has no clue that the call was made…

  9. Jon Says:

    I think it’s the pound key for T Mobile

  10. allen Says:

    to skip the outgoing message for sprint, press 1. you can also delete voicemails by pressing 7 at anytime during the message.

  11. Blanda Says:

    JJ I plan to make that table soon.

  12. Dennis Says:

    thats pretty neat haha

  13. Matt Says:

    On both my home voicemail (Aliant) and cell phone (Telus), 33 skips to the end of the message, 7 deletes and 9 saves.

    So, when I start hearing a message I don’t need to hear because I’ve already gotten it somehow, I just hit 337 and it’s gone! :)

  14. john-floyd Says:

    i press 7,7 quickly to delete messages on cingular. It may work with whatever other numbers are used to delete, on cingular that is ( my grandparents have to press 3).

  15. College V2 - tips, tricks, and advice for college students. Says:

    […] Below is the follow up to a former post. The table is how to skip right to beep when you get a long winded message, and how to instantly delete a message in your voicemail box. […]

  16. Terri Says:

    For Nextels – push the # sign to bypass the greeting and get right to the voice mail system.