New(ish) Facebook friends game


This tip was submitted by reader Grant Bivens.

A new (at least, I haven’t seen it before) feature on Facebook lets you play a mini quiz game with your friends interests. It asked you a question like “Which friend has The White Stripes as their favorite band”? and then gives you 40 seconds to answer. As the time ticks down, your options decrease. You can also change the difficulty level. There is not scoring system … yet.

So how to play?

Simply go to your friends page and in the upper right hand corner you will see Friend Game.


The one problem with this is the amount of people I only kind of know on Facebook. I wish there was a tiered level of friends or something.

On second thought, Facebook is fine the way it is.

Have fun!

One Response to “New(ish) Facebook friends game”

  1. Grant Says:

    Hey Sean, thanks for the link…however it doesn’t work lol