The power of social bookmarking


Yummy allows you to bookmark web pages on their server and tag them (then you can use the tagging feature to your advantage much like Flickr). The most bookmarked pages are all sent to the front page of the site so you can keep track of what the Internet community is talking about. Here’s how it works…After you complete the sign-up process you are taken to your main page. There are a group of links in the upper land hand corner of your dashboard. Among them is the “post” option. The post option is what allows you to save pages.

Lets say we would like to bookmark this site. Click “Post”.

Type the URL, in this case it is “”.

Now the fun part. You can tag the page and write a brief description. This information not only helps you find a particular page in your dashboard, but aids in sharing the page with others.

As you can see on your main page, you can use the navigation on the right (circled in blue) to help guide your way through your bookmarks. This is great for organization. For example you could tag all of the pages relevant to your bio class with “biopaper1”.

The personal bookmarking aspect is cool, but the real beauty in the site is discovering new pages. Navigate to the home page of and you can see what other people are bookmarking, and you can sort the pages by tag. So if you want to know what the most bookmarked apple related page is go to If you would like know the most popular pages on knitting go to, and so on. Great for research papers, or for killing time in the computer lab.

Also, if you would like to share your page of bookmarks with anyone, the link would be”yourusername”. This is great if you need to share sources while working in a group.

If you have Firefox you can simplify the whole process by adding a “bookmark on” button that automatically takes you to the tagging page. Go to this Del.icios page for directions.

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