College Gear at an Affordable Price


College bookstores tend to carry overpriced products.  From the ridiculously expensive textbooks, to the overpriced notebooks, to the expensive t-shirts and apparrel, if you bought it from the college bookstore, you likely got ripped off.  If at all possible, avoid buying anything at your college bookstore.


Before you run off to buy them at your bookstore, check online at places like eBay and  You can often find used copies for much less.  If you’re looking for more college textbook buying and selling advice, check out my special post about “How to Save Money on College Textbooks“.


For notebooks, pen, paper, etc., go to your local Target, Walmart, K-Mart, or other similiar store. You can even try a dollar store for some items on your list.  You’ll save more if you go off campus to buy these supplies.
Apparel & Accessories:

If college branded t-shirts, mugs, and other gear are on our wishlist, I would suggest not buying it at your college bookstore.  $30 for a t-shirt? $60 for a hoodie?  $15 for a mug?  No thanks!  If you’re looking for your college’s branded clothing and accessories, check out alternative sources.  Off-campus bookstores that are not affiliated with your college often have some cool t-shirts and other things at much better prices.  And if you’re looking for a funny college t-shirt that your bookstore probably would never carry, check out these off-campus bookstores – I’ve seen some great (and funny) t-shirts there myself.    Another great place to check out for college t-shirts, sweatshirts, and so on is a retail chain called Steve and Barry’s.  The inventory at each store is special, and no one location has the exact same items in stock.  The in-store stock varies regionally, and usually carries local college gear as well as major schools from around the country.  You can get sweatshirts for like $15 or less, and t-shirts for $7 to $10.  Even jackets are usually no more than $15.

The one thing I would actually suggest buying through your college bookstore is software.  Often times you can get pricey software through your bookstore at lower prices because they can offer you educational versions and prices.  Otherwise, avoid the bookstore, and buy your college gear off campus!

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