Back to school, old (but still usefull) CV2 posts


As you can tell by the lack of posting in the last two days, Temple has begun the fall semester. I imagine most of you have started school already as well. Below are some posts that can help:

Book Burro saves money, possibly lives

Don’t let your professor screw you

The best Firefox extensions for college students

Hack you colleges bandwidth limits

How to pimp your iPod

Never check your professor’s website

5 Things to do when the work piles up

Free alternatives for costly software

How to turn your xBox into a SNES (written by my brother)

And lastly I hope you check out my College 101 series if you are a freshmen.

Good luck everybody!

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4 Responses to “Back to school, old (but still usefull) CV2 posts”

  1. Bryan Villarin Says:

    Hey Sean, can you fix the links in this post? Thanks, and hope you get back to posting regularly!

  2. Blanda Says:

    sorry man, they should all be fixed

  3. Back to School Round-Up at Student PR Blog: Chris Clarke’s Perspective on Public Relations and Online Communications Says:

    […] Second is a number of posts from the collegeV2 blog. It’s a great site for all students, so be sure to check it out. Some of the more important posts include how to get cheap books for college and one really important post full of useful links for an assortment of back to school items. Certainly a feed no student should be without. […]

  4. Loki Says:

    Heh — nope, they still mostly link to the XBox-to-SNES post.