Pimp my iPod – how your iPod could be so much better


Now that spring break is over we should get back to business, and that business is 7 ways to use you iPod other than music. I know some sites have similar lists but include useless tips like “stand on it to make you taller”.

Gee thanks. Below are just a few useful (or distracting) things to do with your iPod.

1. Record your lectures.

Use iTalk or the built in microphone to record you professor’s lectures. Whats more is you can than date them and organize them. Include all work assigned in the notes and throw away that date book you use. Or make your lectures a “podcast” and submit them to a transcribing site such as Odeo and make your lectures searchable.

2. Browse the periodic table

If you are a chem student this could save your life.

3. Help it get you make an ass of yourself, get drunk, and get laid (not necessisarily in that order).

Party pod gives you 500 drink recipes, pick up lines, and helps you locate bars.

4. Make flash cards with it

Do you have a memorization based test? Upload text into your iPod and spend that subway ride studying instead of wondering where that smell is coming from.

5. Make it a PDA

Pod2Go makes your iPod uber by turning it into a mini-computer allowing news, weather, stocks, RSS…Pod 2 Go also makes uploading your typed notes to your iPod that much easier.

6. Learn French

Make a written vocab list, and if possible accompany it with audio.

7. Play pac-man on it.

Okay, this wont help your grades but was too cool. MAME, the popular arcade emulator is starting to make its way on to the nano. Get more information here or see it in action here

Slight Disclaimer: I have not tested any of these due to my dislike for the ipod.  I bought a 1st generation one, the battery died within a year and apple wanted me to buy a new one.  But dont let my bad times get you down.

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6 Responses to “Pimp my iPod – how your iPod could be so much better”

  1. Grant Says:

    I wish I had an iPod…A black 60 gig video iPod…That would be nice…

  2. Blanda Says:

    ipod = evil

  3. Grant Says:

    Ya, I know…As much as I hate the whole iTunes thing and the strictness of the iPod I still would like one.

    Right now I just use my Dell Axim X30 and put my mp3’s on a 1 gig SD card it works but battery life goes down pretty quick when using it as a mp3 player.

  4. Lily Says:

    Wow… iPod’s taken over the role that TI-80-somethings used to play when I was in high school. Kinda awesome.

  5. Blanda Says:

    ..yet the price has gotten higher…

  6. Candles Says:

    i pod mini…

    Great site! I’ll be back to check it out again. Thanks!…