Fitday – a nerds way to lose weight


While many will doubt the exsistence of the freshman 15 all I ask you is this: Did you look at your high school classmates when you got home from spring break?

That’s what I thought. offers a nice helping hand when it comes to losing weight (or getting buff). Simply input the food you ate for the day and the activities you did, and Fitday will let you know your calorie intake vs how many calories you burn.

And what is best is ITS FREE.

Just enter you age, weight, and lifestyle (active or lazy bum?). Fitday will figure out what you need to burn and keep track along the way. It even breaks down the source of your calories.

Just enter in your food (lets say I ate a taco)….(by the way you have a dirty mind)

and what you did all day (just dont let your significant other let you see you check “moderate effort)

There is even a notes section which I recommend for keeping track of workouts and such.

At the end of the day, see how your day went by comparing calories burned vs calories consumed.

They even have reports.

Have fun, and be the buff kid when you return home this summer.

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