Making your desktop Uber


Ever stared at your desktop and wonder what could be?

Yahoo! Widgets optimizes your desktop with little programs called “widgets.” These widgets can be anything from a “to do” list to a widget that automatically loads random images of the sun. The widgets can be devolved by anyone, and make your desktop look damn cool. If you use a Mac these widgets are nothing new (although a Mac version is available). But to Windows users, Yahoo! Widgets can help you get the most out of your desktop. Here’s how:

First, download the software here at Yahoo Widget’s download page

After you install and run the program you’ll notice a little icon on your start bar

Clicking on the icon brings up the main interface.

Three I use are the Digital Clock Widget (cool looking clock), the CPU Portal widget (tells me how much memory my computer is using), and the What To Do widget (tells me…what to do).

Some eliminate the need for a Start Bar while some check the server status of your favorite game. There are way more, and we’ll explore the good ones in future posts. But if you would like to browse yourself go to the widget gallary and search to your hearts content.

Once you download your widget make sure it is in the “My Widget” directory that was created for you, and then you can open up the widget from the main interface by selecting “Open Widget”.

One warning: if you have a hand-me-down computer, Yahoo! Widgets may slow down your computer. Otherwise the tax on your system is not noticeable and the benefits outweigh any slowdown.

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