5 (+1) Windows short cuts I wish I had known


I have been recently doing a lot of works on Macs at my job and was amazed at some of the cool things OS X can do (the whole F9 thing blows my mind – I wish I was kidding). Then I realized that windows must have similar functionality and I checked out some of the short cuts available in MS Windows XP.

I recommend heading on over and printing this list of Windows shortcuts out and taping it to the wall by your computer. You’ll be a power user in no time.

Some interesting shortcuts I never knew about:

WINKEY + M: Minimize all windows. I usually click on the “Show desktop” icon on my task bar, but this little shortcut saves me those precious 5 seconds.

CTRL + BACKSPACE/DELETE: Delete by the word and not by the letter. Invaluable when you are cleaning up a document.

CNTL + HOME/END: Goes to the start or beginning of a document/page/whatever you are looking at. Scrolling is for suckers.

THE MOUSEWHEEL: Open a new tab. This is only true in Firefox, and I believe Opera. But click a link with the third mouse button (usually the scroll wheel) will open the link in a new tab. Great for when you see an interesting link yet you want to finish reading the site you are currently on.

HOLDING SHIFT: If you hold shift while putting a CD or game in your computer is disables auto play. Not only does this save aggravation but can also disable certain copy protections a disc has.

ALT + F4: Hit it right now, I dare you.

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5 Responses to “5 (+1) Windows short cuts I wish I had known”

  1. Grant Says:

    I prefer Win+D as to Win+M…

    And given you are on your desktop you can shut your computer down with three button presses, Alt+F4+F4…It’s the fastest way…It’s kinda fun to bet people you can shut the computer down only using the keyboard in less keystrokes than them. They usually go windows key (1), up arrow (2) enter (3) enter (4)…


  2. Grant Says:

    Oh ya, I also use Alt+tab like no other…it’s the fastest way to switch between windows…

    ctrl+tab switches between tabs in Firefox or other programs that have windows inside of the main program.

  3. eddie Says:

    Middleclicking also opens a new tab in the Internet Explorer 7 Beta. I too prefer win + d to win + m

  4. Grant Says:

    Any ‘mouse’ shortcuts depend on your mouse. Different mice have different ‘default’ hotkeys for each button. Some generic mice don’t have hot keys. Those that do generally come with software that updates you mouse settings in: Control Panel > Mouse. If you can’t find any additional settings to change buttons you might check the manufactures website for driver downloads.


  5. Blanda Says:

    Every mouse I’ve tried does the middle click thing.