Places to Visit, Services to Use on Campus


Despite what you might believe, college doesn’t just provide you with adequately torturous classes to attend, and those cramped dorms to live in.  There are other places on campus, as well as services that your school provides, that you should definitely take advantage of.

More than likely, your college has a campus health center.  If you’re away from home and get sick at school, you’ll probably want to see one of the campus doctors.  It’s easy, convenient, and usually pretty cheap.  They can’t do things like surgery, but they can help you kick that cold or get you birth control.

On a similiar note, your school also likely has a counseling or mental health center.  You don’t have to be crazy to go there, and there’s nothing wrong with talking to someone.  Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by your classes or are experiencing a personal crisis, there’s someone that can help.  Don’t go it alone.  Visit your counseling center, and keep in mind – you’re probably not the only one experiencing what you are going through and they will never, ever laugh at you.

You might not want to, but your college’s tutoring center is also a handy little place to visit.  Going there doesn’t mean you’re stupid or clueless; it’s a great place for you to get some extra help and work out any kinks.  The tutors can often times help you to understand a concept that your instructor just isn’t getting through to you.  Often times, it helps to hear it coming from another person in a slightly different way.  Don’t fall behind if you don’t get something, see your tutoring or academic center.

The career counseling center and financial aid centers are also some good places to get familiar with. If you’re looking for a job or internship, the career counseling center can help place you in the perfect one.  And if you’re confused about your financial aid, or need to get a loan, the lovely people in financial aid can be the greatest help.

And now..onto the fun places!  One cool place to hang out that you probably already know about is the student union center.  This is where all the activities go on, and where all the action is.  This is usually where the student government is located, as well as office space for administrators, advisors, and various student organizations and clubs.  It might also feature a food court, snack bar, a coffee bar, and some comfy seating, which makes a nice place to hang out and meet new people.

If you play a sport, you’re probably already intimately familiar with the college’s recreation center.  If you’re not, get there!  Don’t pay for an expensive gym membership, or risk killing yourself running on the slippery ice outside in the winter.  The rec center is usually supplied with a pool, track, treadmills, and other exercise equipment that will you keep you in shape and feeling good.

Lastly, there are the cultural centers and international centers.  Many students find these to be fun and enriching, regardless of their ethnic background.  You can learn about other cultures and meet lots of different people, from locals to international students.  And often times, some of these groups throw some awesome campus events and activities.  Mmmm…and the sampling of different foods is always fun! 

So when you get back to campus in January, get out of your dorm and go exploring! 



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