I am quitting College v2: time to pass the torch


You read that right, Sean Blanda will no longer publish College v2.

It was a hard choice for me, but after toying with the idea for the past few weeks I have decided to go ahead with it.

Why? Well honestly, I feel as if I have offered all I can on the topic of College. I’m also beginning my second half of my junior year, and it is about time I start looking a little further ahead. I don’t want to be one of those blogs that just dies after not posting for a few weeks.

So what will happen to the blog? I have decided to offer it for sale.??I have put a lot of time and energy into this site and I don’t want it to just collect dust. I’d like to see a willing writer or blog network buy and transform the site to their liking.
Thing is though, I love blogging, but blogging about college just became a little to old hat for me. Starting in about two weeks I will be writing at seanblanda.com if anyone would like to follow me. Either way, I’d like to say that this site surpassed everything I could have ever imagined and that it was the interaction from readers that kept me going. I received a lot of questions from younger students and I was glad to help them each and every time. I’d also like to thank the kick ass college blogs out there who shared information and inspiration with me.

This won’t be my last post here, I will keep anyone who is still concerned updated to the status of the site.

Until then, I love you guys and see you in the blogosphere….

Update:? College v2 has been purchased.? We are just organizing things and then will have a pre-launch on Thursday, November 30, 2006.? About 10 days after that, College v2 will be moving to a new location and then will be officially relaunched.

5 Responses to “I am quitting College v2: time to pass the torch”

  1. Jason Durr Says:

    sell out.. you make me sick

  2. Chris Says:


  3. Grant Bivens Says:

    I can totally understand Sean…

    Good luck in the future!


  4. Joe Casabona Says:

    Good Luck Sean!

    Will the new site be a blog?

  5. Blanda Says:


    Sorry you feel that way buddy, I don’t think selling this site is as big as a “sell out” as you think. I spent many an hour on this site with virtualy no compensation. And that was ok, I loved doing it.

    It was when I started running out of things to say and felt like I could no longer provide quality content did I decide to step down.

    @Grant- Thanks buddy
    @Joe – I’m pretty sure it will be…