When in college, tell your mom to shut up


Have you ever known “that kid”? The one who can’t make a major choice with our first consulting dear old Mom and Dad. Or perhaps whenever they must speak to an adult, the parent will speak for the child.

According to a Boston Globe article, parents are becoming more controlling of their child’s college education.

After 18 years with mom and dad hovering inches away, she believes students fail to develop basic safety skills, study and sleeping habits, negotiation skills, sharing skills and self reliance.

But the question is why? Is the the “blame the parent” trend that has been sweeping the country for years? Or maybe one too many parents watch the nightly news and are stricken into a dictator-like parenting style out of fear.

Regardless, with the transition to college its time to begin the time honored practice of severing the parental ties. This applies both emotionally and financially. Although most parents contribute to tuition, will you continue to rely on Mom and Dad for spending money? Or will you get a job and own up to some responsibility? Will you make sure your parents approve of every class you take? Or will you take it upon yourself to handle your own affairs?

While I don’t think any kid should just kick the family to the wayside there is something to be said for responsibility and independence. As the our forefathers have said: we must “dissolve the bands which have connected [us] with another.”

Those forefather guys were pretty smart if you ask me…

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5 Responses to “When in college, tell your mom to shut up”

  1. Joy Says:

    I agree with this post. I think college is the time when college students start the transition to adulthood with all the responsibilities that come with. However, that being said, the parents have a lot invested in their children. They need to be kept in the loop about the critical aspects of college life including grades.

  2. Blanda Says:

    No doubt. But honestly, if your parents aren’t paying for your college, you really dont NEED to tell them anything. Although to maintain some family harmony, I would advise you do.

  3. valentine Says:

    The forefathers were also racist and sexist
    “all men are created equal”

    Great article though

  4. shii Says:

    > The forefathers were also racist and sexist “all men are created equal”

    good job contradicting yourself

  5. Blanda Says:

    Well, valentine if you want to debate the risks, comprimises, and shortfalls of an easy task such as, I dunno, declaring independance from a superpower please do so elsewhere.