NSA spying on college students and what you can do about it


According to The Chronicle of Higher Education:

The Department of Defense monitored e-mail messages from college students who were planning protests against the war in Iraq and against the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy against gay and lesbian members of the armed forces, according to surveillance reports released last month. While the department had previously acknowledged monitoring protests on campuses as national-security threats, it was not until recently that evidence surfaced showing that the department was also monitoring e-mail communications that were submitted by campus sources

Not to get too political, but after phone calls and bank accounts the NSA is now going after college students.  I don’t know how we are such huge threats, especially in the face of international terrorism.  What’s more important is: who gave them these records?  What was the content of these emails?  This goes beyond any political philosophy you may be a part of – this is an issue of privacy for students.

Also what speaks to the lack of pull college students have, this story was sparsely covered.  A search of LexisNexis, Technorati, Google, The New York Times and other sites reveals little reporting on this topic.
Pissed?  Call your congressmen.

Thanks to FromDC2Iowa for the reprint.

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4 Responses to “NSA spying on college students and what you can do about it”

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  2. Joy Says:

    It’s not surprising that they are targetting academic instituitions for surveillance. It’s sad that terrorism has caused us to lose most of our privacy. This is not as bad, as US telling Western Union to not allows money transfer to anyone named Mohammed..

  3. Blanda Says:

    Where did you see that Joy?

  4. Joy Says:

    Western Union blocks Arab cash deliveries

    That’s the article. This is the worst filter I’ve ever come across. How do you ban an entire name, especially the most common name in Islam. It’s like blocking John Smith..