Don’t let your professor screw you


There are classes in every University that study old literature. Subsequently you have to buy a bunch of text books that are anthologies filled with old poets or snippets of old novels. Some courses even make you buy old books such as The Iliad or Othello. So what to do when you must buy a whole bunch of old books that you may never read after the class is done?

Know public domain.

Public domain is a law that states intellectual property is fair game as long as 70 years has passed since the author’s death. There are certain variations to this, but the main idea is, old literature can be found for free. Next time you have huge booklist for a course Google the title of the book plus “full text”.

Also if you are one of those people that can’t read long pages of text on a computer screen, take advantage of your university’s computer labs. Each college is different but I bet if you dig enough you can find an unsupervised lab where you can print 50+ pages.

Don’t let your professor screw you, put that tuition money to good use and find a computer lab. That sound of 60+ pages of The Iliad being printed out will sound a lot like money in your pocket.

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