Three things you shouldn’t bring to college


CondomsWe’ve already covered some overlooked items you should take on your trek to college. But there are some things that you might think you’ll need, but really dont. And by “some things” I really mean three.
1. Condoms
Now, it is not for me to pester you about your sexual life, but I believe most guys will think to bring these. As smart as it may be for your health, it is not smart for your wallet. Most schools practically give away condoms at their health center. You should be able to score 10 for a dollar or two.

2. A “conventional” hamper.
Are in reading this in your room? Look around, you probably have one of those plastic hampers from wal-mart or the like. While your room at home may provide ample corner space your dorm won’t. Be sure to get a fold down hamper that you wont trip over every five seconds. But, honestly, if I had to start all over, I wouldn’t bring a hamper at all.

3. A lot of food.
Unless you camp out by your dorm, your food WILL get stolen. Maybe a little bit at a time, but it will. This can be especially true if you are the only one in your room/suite that brings any food. Although, you might make friends quickly…

As shown by the comment section of the previous post, people tend to differ on their “must have” items. What did you bring to college and then later realize you didn’t need?

3 Responses to “Three things you shouldn’t bring to college”

  1. Joe Casabona Says:

    Good list- however, with the condoms- it really depends on the school. Since the University of Scranton is a Jesuit school that practices Catholic teachings, we don’t give out condoms or make them redily available on campus.

    And along the same lines as the food getting stolen, you will really need to watch your DVD/Video Game collection. At the end of my freshman year, I came away a few games and movies short.

  2. Blanda Says:

    I suppose you do need a more liberal “blue state” school for the condoms.

  3. Who knows? Says:

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