Dishes = evil


Lifehacker had a nice bit about easy ways to do your dishes that was perfect for any dorm dweller. I know me and my 5 roomies had many a fight over who used what dish and when. Do yourself a favor an implement such tactics as covering things with plastic wrap. Unconventional? Maybe. Time/lifesaving? You bet.

My favorite was from commenter Soon:

Why bother with plates at all? Eat straight out of the pot or pan. And all that excess oil adds to the overall taste of the dish. (Without a dish in need.) And if the disinfectant companies will have you believe, you should also be able to enjoy your meal straight off your benchtop. (Saucy meals prove a bit of a problem though.)

One Response to “Dishes = evil”

  1. Grant Says:

    I’m glad I’ve never had to worry about having to clean dishes in a community bathroom or a tiny sink in a dorm room. I’ve lived at home up until last semester when I changed schools and got an apartment with a dishwasher…I don’t mind doing dishes…