You have no excuse for sitting on your bum – How to get a summer job


The Wall Street Journal ran an article detailing that summer job prospects are on the rise.

“Landing a summer job, long a rite of passage for teens and college students, became more difficult in recent years, as young people had to compete for jobs with older, more-experienced workers in a weaker employment market. Now, as the nation’s economy picks up steam and the unemployment rate hovers at its lowest level in nearly five years, many employers and online job sites report increased hiring this summer.”

Statistics may be fine for conversation, but you’ll need some resources for action.  Here are some sites I have come across that may help.

SnagaJob – Listed in the above article.
Teens4hire – Listed above and, according to its about page, is the #1 career for US teens
Careerbuilder – Not geared for teens.  Fill out a form and they’ll even e-mail you job openings that match you in your area.
Craigslist – Filled with everything that is weird with some “real” jobs mixed in.  Usually craigslist postings are done by individuals so they will get right back to you.  However, beware of scams and pyramid schemes.
Your local paper – Your newspaper should have a classified section, check it out.  Also check out the web site of your local paper.
Summerjobs – seems to only have a few postings, and their search sucks, but worth a look.

Or just do it the old fashioned way and hop in your car and go business to business, filling out applications.  Remember to always give them a call after a few days to bug them.

Alternatively, you can not get a job at all, or do the eBay thing.

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3 Responses to “You have no excuse for sitting on your bum – How to get a summer job”

  1. Joy Weese Moll Says:

    And don’t forget your campus Career Center, particularly if you’re staying in town, but they also have opportuntities in other cities.

  2. Blanda Says:

    you’re right!

    Dont forget to look around campus.

  3. Candace Says:


    CareerBuilder has a new college focused job site

    It should be easier for students to use than the regular site.

    We also have a blog at: which might help with job search advice. We posted about summer jobs for college students here: