Hot Jobs for 2007


MSNBC decided not to wait for the US Department of Labor to issue their annual list of the year’s hottest, and most in-demand jobs of the year, and went a head and did a little research and issued their own list:

  1. Experience Designer -  These people work in the retail industry, and help create the feeling of a store.  A lot of thought goes into the design of many of today’s stores, and the next time that you go into one and think to yourself, “wow, that was kinda cool”, it’s the work of an experience designer.
  2. Medical Researcher – With an aging population and still lots of diseases that need cures, medical researchers are in hot demand. Researchers in cancer, Alzheimer’s, and developers of prosthetics are the most coveted of the bunch.
  3. Web Designers – shows that this field is still in its adolescence. also charts a 24% growth rate in the past year. 2007 looks to be even brighter for this group.
  4. Security Systems Engineers -  With all the money and information invested in the online world, we need some good security engineers to keep it safe from hackers up to no good.
  5. Uan Planners – With populations in many large cities and suburbs booming, someone has to plan it all out.  Would a park be good here or there?  Do we need another school?  Is this shopping development right here?  Do we need to construct more roads?  These are just some of the things that urban planners have to figure out.
  6. Talent Agents – Everyone is obssessed with celebrity culture these days, and fame is becoming a big and booming business.  From the kid who got famous for being on American Idol, to the potential future Miss America that just won her first beauty pagent, to the hot new sports start, everyone wants an agent.  We need more of them.
  7. Buyers and Purchasing Agents – Forecasters believe that 2007 could be a make or break year for many in the retail industry, which is why they’ll want to beef up these departments and make sure they buy into the right trends.
  8. Art Directors – Working on Broadway and movie sets, giving their artistic flair, these jobs are very much in demand.
  9. News analysts, bloggers, and reporters – We are in the information age.  Everyone wants their news now, and when it happens.  More people can get into the game these days with the help of the internet, and good talent is hard to find and very much desirable.

This is quite an interesting list, and differs somewhat from the yearly list the government puts out.  I think this one is a little more timely the the government ones usually are.  The gov’t one is usually a little more broad and bland, and kinda predictable.  So, anyways, if you’re looking for a hot job to get into, keep this list in mind.

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