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How To Add Your Website

Simply navigate to the most appropriate category, then you'll see an "Add Website" button towards the top left-hand corner of your screen. Click this and fill in the requested information.

There are 2 listing types:

1. Sponsored Listings - $99.95 - These listings are bolded and highlighted and displayed at the top of the directory category with the heading of "Sponsored Listings".

2. Regular Listings - $50 - These are the regular listings in the directory.

SevenSeek Submission Guidelines

SevenSeek is a professionally edited web directory. Our editors are paid to find quality web sites and add the URLs to the directory. If you would like your URL included, you have two choices. Either wait for an editor to find it and add it, or submit your URL along with the submission fee.

In order to expedite the review of your submission, please read and follow the submission guidelines set forth below.

Choosing a Category

One reason many submissions are delayed is because they were submitted to the wrong category. Start at the top category, and work your way down to the most relevant category. Now, before you submit, take a look at other sites listed in that category. Are they similar to yours? If not, you may be in the wrong category. Also, check for more specific categories listed under that category.

Unique Content

In order for a submission to be eligible for listing, it must contain unique content.

Please do not submit sites URLs which contain nothing more than affiliate links. Do not submit pages which redirect the user to another pages. Do not submit pages which have affiliate referrer IDís attached to the URL.

Other sites not eligible for listing:

1. Do not submit sites which are still under construction.

2. Do not submit to two mirror sites.

3. Do not submit sites which contain illegal or possibly illegal images of underage persons (Child pornography).

4. Do not submit sites which promote illegal activity.


Once youíve determined your site is eligible for listing, find the most relevant category and click on the Add URL link.

You will be asked to enter a title for your website or web page. You should list the title the way a user of your website would refer to it.

This is correct:

V7 Inc

Offers UNIX shared hosting. Supports PHP, MySQL and Perl. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This is incorrect:

Web Hosting

Offers UNIX shared hosting. Supports PHP, MySQL and Perl. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The title must be the name of the company or the name of the site.

The Description

The description of your website or web page should be as long as possible without exceeding the limit of 200 characters.

The description should objectively describe your website or web page without promotional language or superlatives.


V7 Inc

Offers UNIX shared hosting. Supports PHP, MySQL and Perl. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada.


V7 Inc

BEST web hosting on the Internet.

V7 Inc

Sign up TODAY for a free ice cream cone!

NOTE: Please check your spelling and capitalization. Errors in spelling, or descriptions in ALL CAPS or all lowercase will delay the listing.


In order to be found in a search of the directory, please consider all relevant keywords a user might use to search for a site of your nature. This may include singular or plural variations of words you used in the description.


Aviva directory

Offers a professionally edited, searchable general web directory.

KEYWORDS: web directory directories search searching website websites web page pages

V7 Inc

Offers UNIX shared hosting. Supports PHP, MySQL and Perl. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

KEYWORDS: web hosting host webhost webhosting mysql php perl las vegas nevada unix linux

You may use only relevant keywords in the keywords field.


Should any questions arise, feel free to Contact us.

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